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EVAN (European Virtual Anthropology Network)

by Gerhard W. Weber last modified 2011-05-23 14:26

The three-year EVAN project ended in 2009, with great results and big steps forward in threedimensional geometric morphometrics. At the end of the final phase of the project, a new associtation was founded to maintain contact between the different participants - this association is the 'EVAN Society'.
To clarify the differences and new goals of these two separate associations, the EVAN homepage you are reading right now will remain as a kind of archive of the initial three-year work. All further information is distributed through the new website for the EVAN society:


Diverse European groups have major expertise in new methods of anatomical imaging, 3D digitisation, display, modelling, programming, and leading edge expertise in the quantitative analysis of anatomical variability. Through this network we will bring together these separate domains of expertise in a powerful and internationally unique way to provide the best possible multi-centre training facilities and programme, which will in turn lead to the promotion of Europe as the major centre for these activities.

This project is both multidisciplinary and intersectorial. Virtual Anthropology (VA) and Geometric Morphometrics (GMM) are already interdisciplines; both arose by modifying core ideas of geometric statistics in response to very specific needs of data representations in classic anthropometrics and medical imaging. The extensions proposed will bring together partners from diverse fields such as physical anthropology, medicine, mathematics, physics, computer science, software development, economics, or museum curation to incorporate know-how into targets such as electronic preparation and virtual fragment assembly, medical diagnosis tools, surface scanning technology, immersive virtual technologies, facial recognition systems, professional software production, or Rapid Prototyping, thereby precipitating a lively transfer of knowledge and collaboration between the academic, clinical, industrial and private & public research sector. European hard- and software industries will be able to take advantage of these new resources proposed for anatomical analysis
and representations.

Moreover, large investments have been made at the European level to collect data, and many institutions hold a tremendous amount of data in their archives.
Our network intends to train researchers to make more effective use of those data resources.

Europe needs more people trained to get information out, not just to put it in.

EVAN Tasks:

Task Area A: Methods, Tools & Data
Task A1: Methodological Integration and Extension
Task A2: Data Archiving

Task Area B: Applications in Biology, Medicine & Industry

Task B1: Specific Domains of Investigations
Task B2: Resources for Transfer of Knowledge

download EVAN Flyer Page 1, EVAN Flyer Page 2