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Sascha Senck

I am currently employed as a Marie Curie doctoral fellow (EVAN Training Network) at the Department of Anthropology in Vienna, Austria. My studies are including the morphometric analysis of crania, mandibles and teeth of Australopithecines, early modern humans and extant hominoids.

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1.3 Strategic Contacts/interactions
European Researchers' Night 2007 2007-12-18
1.4 Development of collaborations
Ontogeny of Orangutan cranial morphology 2008-02-05
4.1 EVAN-Partner(s)/fellow(s) organising
Stereolithography and other prototyping methods at z-werkzeugbau: Modelling of anthropological specimens 2007-12-18
Functional morphology and evolution of mammalian dentition 2007-12-18
Communication with broad public and journalists (Language: German) in Hamburg 2007-12-18
fellow-meeting 2007-12-15
Techniques for quantification of growth and evolution of form 2007-12-15
4.2 ESR presenting PhD thesis
Virtual Reconstruction of Hominoid Fossils - Methodology and Application 2008-02-05
2.1 Publications
Virtual reconstruction of hominoid crania: reconstructing one part from the rest 2008-12-18
Ontogeny of airorhynchy in male-female orangutans: analysis of palate and frontal bone 2007-12-18
4.3 Fellows acquire complementary skills
Geometrics Morhpometrics in R, advanced GMM-techniques in AMIRA and Edgewarp (S. Katina, P. Gunz) 2007-12-18
Virtual Anthropology (P. Mitteroecker, P. Gunz) 2007-12-18
Geometric Morphometrics (D. Slice) 2007-12-18
Scientifical writing course (F.L. Bookstein) 2007-12-18
4.4 Supervision/tutoring of fellows
Edgewarp (EWSH) introduction and training 2007-07-30
1.1 Visits SICs/Fellows/Staff
Applying EVAN toolkit in VA, medicine, industry 2009-10-16
Collaborative Work with Natural History Museum, NY 2009-10-16
[ยทยทยท] 2009-10-16
American Association of Physical Anthropologists Annual Meeting 2009 (Chicago,Il) 2009-10-16
Annual meeting in Athens 2009-10-16
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