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Gender Board

by UNVI last modified 2010-03-15 11:39
The EU is committed to increasing the numbers of women working in science, and their aim is that at least 40% of Fellows employed in Research Training Networks should be female. The EVAN Management Board fully supports this, and has formed a Gender Board whose responsibility it is to oversee and promote equality and gender related issues.

Members of the Gender Board

Dr. Katrin Schaefer
University of Vienna

Dr. Sarah Elton
Hull York Medical School

Dr. Katerina Harvati
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology


The Role of the Gender Board

The Gender Board is concerned with equality of opportunity and experience for all members of EVAN. Many issues it deals with are related to general equality, albeit targeted towards gender. It has four main functions:
  • Monitor gender equality
  • Ensure gender equality
  • Co-ordinate measures to promote equality between men and women
  • Make links to existing initiatives promoting women in science

gender monitoring
In order to monitor gender equality, the Gender Board asks all partners to complete short monitoring forms annually during the project and also when they make an EVAN appointment.
gender monitoring
Recruitment is one of the main ways by which gender balance and equality in the project can be promoted and ensured. It is an EU aim that 40% of the Fellows recruited to the project should be female.
gender monitoring
Along with fairness in recruitment, there should also be equality in day-to-day employment. This should include the formal aspects of employment (such as job performance appraisal) as well as the informal (the way individual members are treated on a day-to-day basis).
gender monitoring
Contact has been made with the Center for Gender Equality, University of Vienna, and with various other organisations, including several anthropological associations, the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, and the European Platform of Women Scientists.
gender monitoring
The Gender Board also acts as a formal EVAN contact point for alleged sexual harassment and discrimination but will not ‘investigate’ alleged sexual harassment or discrimination, as this is the responsibility of individual institutions, and rules on discrimination and harassment may vary from country to country.

The Gender Board forms parts of the management structure of EVAN and reports to the Co-ordinator. It also works with the Training Administrator to ensure that the individual training needs of the Fellows are met.

EVAN Female Participants List

Gender Board Meetings Archive, minutes and presentations
Kick-Off Meeting in Athens, Greece, 2006
GB Meeting in York, UK, 2007

GB Meeting in Paris, France, 2008
GB Presentation, Athens, Greece 2009
GB Presentation, Vienna, Austria, 2009 FINAL MEETING