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EVAN AURA C++/Cortex II hardware

by Nora Dibowski last modified 2007-08-28 16:25

The course is aimed at introducing the AURA pattern match technology and Cybulas FaceEnforce 3D image capture and face recognition methods.

What Workshop
When 2007-05-31 09:00 to
2007-06-01 16:00
Where York
Contact Name Julian Young
Contact Email
Contact Phone +44 (0)7903 848315
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Course aims.

The course is aimed at introducing the AURA pattern match technology and Cybula´s FaceEnforce 3D image capture and face recognition methods.

The AURA methods are based on neural networks and can be used for fast pattern matching on very large datasets. The methods are based on a simple binary neural networkknown as a Correlation Matrix Memory. The memory is used to store example data to be matched. The AURA methods define a set of pre-processing methods that can be used to take different data types and recognise the contents. The pre-processors are defined for text, signals and graphs. The last of these is of most interest here as it allows 3D image data to be analysed. A graph is a set of points that are connected by relations. In the context of a 3D image, the set of points could be landmarks and the relations could be the distance between the points. Thus the AURA graph matcher may be used to recognise objects specified by such data.

Cybula have for many years been developing and marketing a 3D face recognition system,FaceEnforce. The system is used to recognise 3D images of faced taken with a 3D camera.The camera allows capture of an image in about 0.5-1.5 seconds that is sufficient for recognition. For higher accuracy images a longer time will be needed. The camera mayused to capture any type of data within reason.

The course will cover;

Overview of biometric methods.
Overview of the Cybula FaceEnforce system.
Use and function of the Cybula 3D camera.
Use and function of the Cybula face recognition software.

Introduction to pattern recognition.
Overview of the AURA methods.
How the graph matcher works and can be applied.
Implementation of applications using the AURA graph matcher.

Open discussion of user applications with the Cybula team.

We will provide time to discuss, in detail, how Cybula technology may be used, along side
other Evan software, to solve practical problems. We will cover each of these in an open
discussion with the group. We intend 3 applications to be discussed. Please let us know if
you would like your application discussed and we will contact you to set this up. We hope
that we will be able to look at data during these sessions.

You will get more from the course if you know Linux and C++. However, this is not
essential. We expect you to have a scientific training and a degree in a science based

 The workshop will cover two days and be run on the York University main campus. There
 will be a social event in the evening of the first day. The course will start at 9.30 on the
 first day and be complete by 4:30pm on the second day.

The candidates are expected to book there own accommodation. Attached are some recommended hotels.

time table_aura_workshop


Day 1 – 31st May

Day 2 - 1st June



The AURA graph matcher theory of opertation JA


Introduction to the workshop  JA





Application of the AURA graph matcher AT


Introduction to pattern recognition using AURA SA &AT


Example applications of the graph matcher AT & SA






Overview of Biometrics and face recognition JA


Application discussion sessions JA, JY, SA, AT


Use of the 3D camera JY


Operation of the 3D camera JY





Use and operation of the 3D face recognition SW JY

Application discussion session and round up. JA, JY, SA, AT



Discussion ALL






Accommodation Office

For short-term guest room accommodation please contact York Conference Park. Email: or telephone (+44 1904) 328435 (5:15pm to 9:00am out of hours voice mail service available) or fax ( +44 1904) 328425


*Abacus Guest House Tel: 01904 632301
5 Wenlock Terrace, Fulford Road, York.

Adams House Hotel Tel: 01904 655413
5 Main Street, Fulford, York.

*Ascot House Hotel Tel: 01904 426826
80 East Parade, Heworth, York

Ashbourne House Tel: 01904 639912
139 Fulford Road, York.

*Barbican House Tel: 01904 627617
20 Barbican Road, York.

The Black Bull Hotel Tel: 01904 411856
Hull Road, York.
The Blakeney Hotel Tel: 01904 422786
180 Stockton Lane, York.

*The Blue Bridge Hotel Tel: 01904 621193
Fishergate, York.

*Bull Lodge Guest House Tel: 01904 415522
37 Bull Lane, Lawrence Street, York.

*Chelmsford Place Guest House Tel: 01904 624491
85 Fulford Road, York.

*Coppers Lodge Guest House Tel: 01904 639871
15 Alma Terrace, Fulford Road, York.

*Four Poster Lodge Tel: 01904 651170
68 Heslington Road, Barbican Road, York.

*Friar’s Rest Tel: 01904 629823
81 Fulford Road, York.
Hall Garth Paddocks Tel: 01904 481609
Hull Road, York.

The Hollies Guest House Tel: 01904 634279
141 Fulford Road, York.
Jubilee Guest House Tel: 01904 624013
Barbican Road, York.

Keys House Tel:01904 658488
137 Fulford Road, York
The Limes Guest House Tel:01904 624548
135 Fulford Road, York

Midway House Tel: 01904 659272
145 Fulford Road, York.
E-mail: .net

Moorgarth Guesthouse Tel: 01904 636768
158 Fulford Road, York.

*The Old Vic Guest House Tel: 01904 637888
2 Wenlock Terrace, Fulford Road, York.

*Olga’s Guest House Tel: 01904 641456
12 Wenlock Terrace, Fulford Road, York.

Pavillion Hotel Tel: 01904 622099
45 Main Street, Fulford, York.

Priory Hotel Tel: 01904 625280
126 Fulford Road, York.

Saxon House Hotel Tel:01904 622106
71-73 Fulford Road, Fishergate, York.

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